About Us

About Us

Who are Business Care

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Our Services

Our key focus is to provide companies with successful business solutions so to create value and sustainable growth with a solid expansion of their business. Our services consist of Management Consulting & Interim Management, Business Development, and Market Entry Services. We believe in humans as a driving productive force and, therefore, heavily rely on Pyschosocial approaches to understanding people and organizations. Our services allow you to focus on your organizational culture as a hub to nurture successful approaches to business development and sales strategies to increase productivity and revenue.

Our Programs

Our programs are tailored to meet your very basic needs, up the most sophisticated ones. We have gathered information from primary and secondary data to customize a revolutionary practical program in Business Development and in Sales. Our programs are facilitated in-house, publicly, or through universities as continuing education. Whether you are an individual employee, an entrepreneur, an HR official, or a CEO, you will always be looking to sharpen your skills or those of your teams. Our trainings and programs serve as an insured path to your company's success and career building satisfaction.

Our Mission

What makes a sales person a leader player in the sales market? What leads customers to choose one supplier over another? What are the constituents of a successful sales training, or a pragmatic Business Development training? What leads a substantial change in the behaviors of salespeople, and employees responsible of money generation within the company? We at Business Care Inc. strive to provide you with answers to these questions. Our mission is to work alongside your sales teams, business development teams, and HR team to assist them with unleashing their full potential. Our mission is to move forward as a leading company in Lebanon and the MENA region to fulfill best business support to the companies aiming to scale up both their activities and revenues.

Why Choose us ?

Rigorous Needs Assessment

We assess where you are and collaborate with you to take you where you want to be.

Expert Advisors

We put at your disposal years of experience and practical knowledge. You will benefit from our extensive research and learning path.

Reliable Partnership

At Business Care Inc., we are looking for partners not clients.

WE provide the best services in the best prices !

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